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424 Salt from the Dead Sea

Arthur Huxley - 03-10-2017

For some time now we have noticed the recommended Salt for recipes published by many of our North American and Canadian Spice Merchant cousins is Kosher Salt.

We felt it curious that these very accomplished recipe writers and chefs should be so emphatic on the use of Kosher Salt, harvested from the Dead Sea.

At the time we did not take this any further, however, a new Salt has been introduced to Australia – 424 Salt, a product we think provides the answer and should be of great interest to Home Chefs.

424 Salt is from the shores of the mineral rich Dead Sea bordering Israel, Jordon and the West Bank. It is harvested in Israel and gains its name from being 424 meters below sea level. The lowest point on earth in fact.

All of which brings us to the reason Dead Sea Salt is so highly recommended by knowledgeable world Chefs.

Our tasting was interesting. We first tried the 424 Salt on plain Arborio Rice – the same as our pepper tasting – and then on plain, water poached chicken.

Immediately apparent was a flavour depth and strength of minerality, ideal for the many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes and perfect when paired with Lamb, Poultry and especially, sprinkled over Roasted Vegetables.

And no wonder. Without getting too technical about all this, it is interesting that 424 Salt contains 74mg Potassium and 5mg Magnesium. It also contains triple the amount of Calcium and traces of Iron compared to regular salt.

Continuing with this exercise, Murray River Salt and Himalayan Salt (we tried both) contain an array of minerals, much the same as 424 but we felt with a weaker or softer flavour concentration. Both these salts are fine of course, they just missed the punch or lifting mineral richness of the 424 Salt.

All interesting but to get back to our Home Chefs and cooking, it is clear that when used as a “sprinkle” there is a difference between Salts and in particular between Sea Salt and 424 Dead Sea Salt.

When used as part of the cooking process there will always be less taste difference but from our tasting, the high mineral concentration came through. One of our tasters described it as salt with attitude !

It really will depend on the recipe which way you go. We can’t imagine South Australian Whiting with 424 Dead Sea Salt but equally try it with, say, Barramundi with Smoky Eggplant and Fennel or Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks with Tomato and Cumin. The 424 Dead Sea Salt will certainly enhance and brighten your dish’s flavour.

And just to add to the 424 Salt options there are a variety of Salt Blends available. We tried the Smoked Blend and the Wildfire Blend. Really good and a nice partnering of Salt with Spices.

Check out the website for the full range and to order on line www.424salt.com

A welcome product for Home Chefs.

Our spices begin their journey.