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Anchovies and your 5th Umami taste sense

Arthur Huxley - 18-04-2018

You may have noticed that from time to time several of our recipe suggestions have included Anchovies as part of the ingredients.

Taking this further, we have received a recipe suggestion to share from Paul L. Adelaide picking up on our Anchovy mentions with an interesting Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Anchovies, Lemon Zest, Rosemary and Thyme recipe. Click: RECIPES for the recipe.

The thing is, Anchovies in our world of Home Chefs, goes way beyond Caesar Salads, Scrambled Eggs and salty Hors d’oevres.

Bringing back our favourite Home Chefs “weapon” phrase, Anchovies are another secret ingredient, often very much part of professional Chef’s armoury, adding an indefinable richness of flavour to Lamb and Beef dishes.

And this is easily explained. Anchovies with a strong savoury flavour structure are part of our Umami or fifth taste sense that follows the other four – Salty, Sweet, Sour and Bitter.

So providing this lovely savoury base, it is easy to see where Anchovies so easily fit in to a recipe. Especially when, as part of the recipe, they leave absolutely no hint of fishiness. And during cooking the Anchovies dissolve leaving only their lovely savoury flavour notes.

Buying Anchovies it is critical that they are preserved in Olive Oil to give a clean brininess. Avoid Anchovies in vegetable oils that tend to give a “muddy” taste.

A nice summer recipe thought is Ciabatta Bread, lightly drizzled with a quality Olive Oil, say, Australian Toscana or similar, Anchovies, sliced Tomato, fresh Basil, Mineral Salt – 424 Dead Sea Salt is really good - and pitted Kalamata Black Olives.

Pure fifth sense savoury flavour – your Umami !

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