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Asterisk Kitchens - Savoury Biscuit Excellence

Arthur Huxley - 10-07-2018

Following our search for the very best Artisan products for our new SAVOURY GIFT HAMPER we were recommended to a relatively new Melbourne Maker and their Kitchen. Asterisk Kitchens.

The background is interesting and the products reflect the passion for quality and great food.

French born, Asterisk founder and director Younes Khazom worked as Chef/Patissier in the Loire Valley France before arriving in Australia with his wife Kathryn.

Settling in to his new home Younes worked in several of Melbourne’s premier establishments at the highest level and with distinction. From this background and now, local knowledge, Asterisk Kitchens was created.

Younes and Kathryn commenced with the very clear objective that the new business, Asterisk Kitchens, should reflect their passion for great food, creating wonderful sweet and savoury biscuits, reflecting in their words “French elegance.” And they have succeeded !

Returning to our new Epicurean Savoury Gift Box and our review for our Many Makers from Many Kitchen page in this website, we have chosen two outstanding examples of the talent and skills of Asterisk Kitchens.

The first choice, Langues de Chat biscuits – the description on the elegant pack explains the name as “resembling a cat.”

Baked in small batches the gluten free, Langues de Chat, is best described by Asterisk as having a crunchy, snappy texture and from our tasting team we can add, a lovely clear, crisp flavour and buttery notes. Matched with a chilled Pinot Gris wine, this would be savoury taste perfection.

Our second choice. Asterisk Fennel and Thyme Lavosh Biscuits. A flat bread based biscuit with a two thousand year history that in the hands of Asterisk has become a medal winner with a gold medal at the 2017 Australian Food Awards. Beautifully crisp with the same Asterisk trademark, fresh clean flavour with clear fennel and thyme notes. Lovely.

And if you wish to find your food heaven for a moment, try the Asterisk Lavosh with a best quality cheese. It will take the cheese to new, wondrous heights !

We look forward to having Asterisk kitchens part of our future Gourmet Gift Box selections.

Our spices begin their journey.