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Food Ramblings - Pomegranate Molasses

Arthur Huxley - 28-03-2018

Pomegranate Molasses

The name sounds daunting but underneath Pomegranate Molasses is simplicity itself : Pomegranate juice and lemon juice with caster sugar ( optional ) reduced down to a syrupy consistency.That's it. Simple.

The flavour has been described as taut, tangy, with strong lemon notes and a total lack of sweetness

From this Pomegranate Molasses becomes a wonderful "weapon" for the Home Chef. A touch will transform a salad dressing and can replace vinegar. Added to meat or vegetables it takes flavours to a new height.

And given that only small amounts are needed it is easy to experiment to see how it works in your favourite recipes.

One of our tasting team is passionate about Pomegranate Molasses lightly spread over smoked freshwater trout, essentially replacing horseradish cream.

All great fun and from our side we have put together a recipe bringing in Pomegranate Molasses and for added interest, Rose Water and Honey. Click RECIPES in this website for Tunisian Lamb with Rose Water, Pomegranate Molasses and Honey A simple recipe packed with lovely Mediterranean Umami flavours.

Some further suggestions for this remarkable product :

  • Potato, Kumara,Pumpkin style Mash - use with butter, pepper and salt.granate
  • Casseroles or Stews, adds richness and can replace, say, Sherry Vinegar.
  • Salads, again replacing Balsamic Vinegar, just a spoonful and nice in a salad with mint and parsley.
  • Roasted Vegetables, particularly with Spice Roads Spices Vegetable Blend Drizzle with the olive oil.
  • Roast Chicken Baste, spread over your chicken with the olive oil and Spice Road Spices Mediterranean Blend.

A flavour must for every home kitchen.

Our spices begin their journey.