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Foodie Ramblings - Remembering Raisins

Arthur Huxley - 17-04-2019

It all happened about the same time. First we noticed that our cousins from bon appétit in America mentioned that Raisins were clearly the world's worst possible snack food, then marvelled that the very same, sticky little dried grapes, stuck in the corner of a packet, could rehydrate into a flavour essential !

And at much the same time, the talented Mary G. Frenchs Forest NSW, commented favourably on our Spice Roads Ottoman Spice Blend in her recipe - and then mentioned that she added Sultanas for a touch of sweetness to the Chicken Thighs in the braise.

So clearly there was a message in all of this.

Perhaps it is that Raisins/Sultanas are such a part of everyday cooking that they are taken for granted. Think about the number of times you have found raisins added to a Rice Pilaf.

bon appétit makes the point that Raisins in a Pilaf give a sweetness to counter the savoury spices and crunchy nuts and rice. Agreed.

And think about adding Raisins to a chicken or beef casserole where you have loaded the dish with lots of lovely spices. Savoury heaven perhaps but maybe requiring a dash of Raisin balancing sweetness and texture to enhance the dish and sauce.

Unfortunately the Raisins will remain a sticky lump in the packet somewhere at the back of your pantry but once released into your recipes, they will plump up and provide lovely Umami flavours to your dish.

Our spices begin their journey.