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Foodie Ramblings - Saving the Side Dish

Arthur Huxley - 20-04-2019

THE SIDE DISH and YOU - a brief fantasy

This may seem an odd way to start but just for a moment we are going to ask you to imagine you are a Side Dish, full of great flavours and sustainable ingredients.

You will find that every time you present yourself on a menu, an overbearing and extravagant Main Course will come along and elbow you down to no more than an after thought at the bottom of the recipe.

And more, in your fantasy, you would love to have your own clever and individual recipe and ingredients displayed (with colouful photos of course ) for Foodies to drool over and plan for your grand presentation at a gala dinner event.

Alas, this is not happening. Killer main courses and some wild desserts control the Menus, Foodie Books and Blogs. You, as a crafted and skillful Side Dish, are all but ignored.

But no longer. Our Epicurean Tasting Team will right this wrong.

In this and upcoming Epicurean Posts, each of us in the Tasting Team will choose a special Side for Spice Roaders to try in their kitchens. And each will have its own Umami. The Main Course will have to adapt and be compatible. Proper justice !

Check out Spice Ramblings part 1 below for the first SIDE feature.

Our spices begin their journey.