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Foodie Ramblings - The Power of Sage.

Arthur Huxley - 15-03-2019

Make no mistake, Sage is not one of those team player Spices (or Herb in this case), happy to be part of a harmonious flavour blend.

Sage needs to be the lead but once settled into a recipe it will provide a wonderful sweet and sour Umami with warm notes of eucalyptus and lemon.

You will find Sage is a winner with Pork and especially Pork Belly where the powerful oils cut through the fat.

Equally Sage is terrific when part of a rich chicken stuffing, say, Lemon, Spring Onions and Fennel.

And Sage with Ricotta is a nice match, especially Pork and Ricotta meatballs where the Sage gives the Ricotta half a chance to be noticed !

For Home Chefs it is important to note that dried Sage is a little more powerful than fresh so best to adjust the recipe if you are using dried Sage.

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