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Four Essential Vinegars for Home Chef's - Balsamic

Arthur Huxley - 26-05-2017

Part 2 Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is not so much the opposite of Sherry Vinegar but rather, in culinary terms, the alternative.

And head to head in "richness" there is not much between them but where Balsamic has an edge is it adds a rich sweetness to dishes like Stews or Casseroles, if that is what you are aiming for in your recipe.

Essentially Balsamic is a vinegar - better still a flavour enhancer - that works wonderfully at the end of your cooking. Your favourite Risotto or Pasta will come alive with a few small drops of Balsamic at the finish.

Equally, Chefs will tell you that a few small drops will do great things at the beginning of the cooking process. Over to you, Home Chef's !

Balsamic with salads is pretty much well known but the magic happily extends to dessert dishes. Try teaming Balsamic with Mascarpone, Double Cream and Icing and White Sugar as part of your chosen dessert recipe. Very special !

Or, team a Balsamic with Parmesan, say, over fresh asparagus. And a few drops of Balsamic Vinegar with Tomato and fresh Basil take that combination to new heights.

When buying Balsamic Vinegar the following chart may be of assistance. Prices vary widely depending on age and classification, so be sure to check the label when buying.

3 - 5 years age : Use with salads and sauces. Generally available.

6 - 10 years age : Use with Risotto, Pasta and Desserts. And your creativity !

10 + years age : Budgets may come into play here but heavenly with Strawberries

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