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Grampians Toscana 2018 Harvest report

Arthur Huxley - 28-05-2018

We have received a report on the 2018 Olive Harvest from the producers of Grampians Toscana Olive Oil, which given the draught difficulties experienced in the Grampians region of Victoria, makes interesting reading.

" Olive Oil reflects the land and the climate (terroir) in which it was grown and each season varies slightly. This season has been characterized by one of our driest and hottest 4 month periods on record. You can almost taste the dryness.

The heat and a little stress increase the antioxidant content (polyphenols) which means a more peppery finish, as well as concentrating the flavour of the oil producing our typically low yield of beautiful, thick and fruity organic Olive Oil.

The first for 2018 is the Olio Nuovo (new oil) cloudy, unfiltered and is picked, immediately cold pressed and then bottled within 24 hours.

The oil is a medium flavour intensity and being from our very first pressing it is mostly from green olives - the flavour profile displays complex fruitiness, green herbaceous characters and a peppery finish."

Nice words from the makers. We are unashamabley supporters of quality Olive Oil. Quite simply it is an essential ingredient of good food, and in turn, highlights the quality of Spice Road Spices natural Spices and Spice Blends.

Following this report Grampians Toscana added the following regarding the cloudiness of the new 2018 Olive Oil.

"Why is fresh oil cloudy ? Due to fine particles of Olive flesh suspended in the oil. These are high in antioxidants and contribute to the vibrant flavour of the freshly pressed oil.

Because the oil is bottled straight from the press the settling process that normally happens in our tanks will occur in your bottle or tin, so expect to find some sediment at the bottom to dispose of.

It is best to enjoy the oil while it is cloudy, other wise decant the clear oil off once settled so it is not sitting on this sediment"

Available online. Website: info@grampiansoliveco.com.au for full background and details

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