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Salt Free - This needs to be said !

Arthur Huxley - 18-04-2020

Salt Free -  Spices - Flavour. Simple enough for all those looking for a Salt Free diet. So let's cut to the chase on this.   You need to start with a recipe of course and there are plenty of excellent Salt Free recipes about, each with one common denominator. They rely on Spices to replace the salt flavour and then add their own flavour character to the recipe.

And this brings us to the problem. Many of the spices available in Australia are either diminished by age, well into their 3 month life span by sitting on store shelves or simply produced from inferior growers. 

Spice Road Spices are Spice Merchants so I would say that our Spices are superior  but in reality we are aware of at least six other online Spice Merchants across Australia with really excellent Herbs and Spices, sourced from highly regarded growers, both here and overseas.

The thing is you may be disappointed that after taking great care following a Salt Free recipe (or any recipe for that matter) you find that the essential Spices are dull and flavourless and worse, the lack of salt flavouring becomes apparent

So, find a reputable Spice Merchant that you can work with. The association will be rewarding and from our view, blending the right Spices and developing great flavours for your dish will be good fun !

Perhaps we could be permitted to add that at Spice Road Spices, where needed, we toast and grind your Spices on the day of dispatch for maximum freshness and flavour. Spice perfection !

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