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Sweet and Sour and your Flavour taste sense

Arthur Huxley - 25-05-2018

Our tasting team at Spice Road Spices often refer to Home Chefs flavour “weapons” in recipes and artisan product reviews.

This is not referring to the sometimes wild chilli flavours that rightly have a dedicated following but rather, the softer fruit and spice driven flavours that bring life to your recipes.

Our various Spice Blogs have highlighted the wonderful lemon based flavour lift from Pomegranate Molasses or the flavour enhancing of quality vinegars that add a clear brightness to your dish.

For Home Chefs developing your own 5th sense flavour Umani can be the most pleasurable of challenges and the basic formula for this is clear. Sweet and Sour.

Professional Chefs work these two flavour elements to often sublime heights. And in that Chefs world they have a lovely description for balancing Sweet and Sour - mellowing out the flavours.

This flavour Umani balance is all very personal of course and is a mark of the chef, be it home or professional, but always, the flavour of sweet and sour should mark out the recipe.

Our Wine Making friends are a perfect example of this. They use the grapes natural acid (sour) to balance the fruit sugar (sweet) to give clarity and brightness to the wines that would otherwise be dull, flat and flabby.

For Sour flavour Umami, try Tamarind paste. Common in Asia and India it is now becoming part of Australian cuisine. Lovely combination of flavours, terrific with a BBQ sauce and stews. A little goes a long way so perfect for subtle flavouring. A true Chefs weapon.

And there is no better example of Sour and Sweet working together than Anchovy Paste (sour) mixed with Sautéed Vegetables (sweet) Sublime harmony !

For Sweet, non refined brown sugar adds a warm molasses flavour for your recipes. Perfect to use when mellowing out your dish. Even better, try a combination of brown sugar and palm sugar, available in most specialist food stores.

As noted vegetables are natural sweetener, especially carrots although roasted Parsnips – try with honey, Butternut pumpkin with Pecan nuts and Brussels sprouts all add a lovely sweetness when paired with Soy, Tamarind or Fish sauce

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