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A Special Gift for everyone who loves cooking - and your name on the front label

A beautiful Gift for everyone who loves flavour and cooking. Beautifully presented in a collectable solid gift box.

Plus The special touch of the option of your name on the front label of each of the spice jars in your gift. See example.

Nine premium pure Spices and one lovely hessian bag with one of the world's purest, hand harvested, Macrobiotic Sea Salt. For the best cooks and favourite recipes !

Your name on the front label. See example

When ordering you will see a box at the beginning of the Add to Cart to place your label message. A full proof of your message will be provided for confirmation before we process your order. See example

Note: The Great Barrier Reef salt in the grinder is no longer available and has been replaced by the 250g pure, hand harvested macrobiotic sea salt. Packed in a lovely hessian bag.

The Gift Box will contain

  • Ground Cumin. Premium grade. 60g.
  • Ground Coriander. Premium grade. 60g.
  • Mixed Herbs - A French herbs de provence style selection. 30g.
  • Thyme leaves. A recipe essential. 30g.
  • Ground Cinnamon. A recipe essential. 60g.
  • True Mediterranean Oregano. Perfect for Mediterranean and Greek recipes. 30g.
  • Exciting Fenugreek Spice. Ground. Flavour for Indian and North African recipes. 60g.
  • Wonderful pure macrobiotic sea salt in a lovely hessian bag. Unprocessed, unwashed and hand harvested. 250g.
  • Legendary Spanish Paprika: Las Hermanas Smoked Picante, Hot - 70g.
  • Legendary Spanish Paprika: Las Hermanas Organic Dulce, Sweet - 70g.

Guarantee. This Gift Box comes with a full 100% money back guarantee across Australia and a complimentary subscription to the monthly Epicurean Post ebook.