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A special gift of 6 of our most popular classic Spices ready for the best recipes

A perfect GIFT for Home Chefs with a love and passion for special Spices in their kitchen.

PLUS: Included, a further GIFT that keeps giving, each month for 12 months. See Bonus

BONUS. With your order we will forward a chef curated recipe, each month for 12 months to your nominated inbox

The presentation GIFT BOX will include :

  • Thyme - Flavours of mint, lemon and cloves.
  • Coriander - Flavours of citrus and pine forest. Lovely nutty spice notes
  • Chinese 5 spice - Classic Nutmeg and Asian Sweet and Sour flavours
  • Cumin - Perfect for Mexican style dishes, Lamb, Steamed Vegetables and Seafood
  • Oregano - Great with Roasted Vegetables, Lamb, BBQ Steak Rub and Casseroles
  • Rosemary - Lovely flavour notes of Pine, works well with Lamb and Roasted Vegetables

Your Spices will be packed in special Zip Lock pouches. .

Note :+ $9.80 postage to be added to the cart price.