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A very unique Gift that continues for six months - with your name or message on each of the six deliveries

A unique Mothers Day Gift that continues for six months with seven deliveries !

For everyone who loves to cook and experience the worlds great cuisines.

An exciting Gift that starts with a wonderful 70g tin of Spanish Sweet Paprika - then continues each month, for six months, with a beautifully crafted pack of a spice blend showcasing the flavours of one of the world's great cuisines.

PLUS the option to personalise each monthly world cuisine pack with your name or message on the front label at no additional cost.

Your name or message on the front label. See below

There will be seven deliveries starting with the true Spanish Paprika then following with the six monthly crafted spice packs from the world's great cuisines.

- First delivery. The Spanish Las Hermanas organic sweet Paprika - see image - then:

- Caribbean

- Morocco - North African

- Cajun - New Orleans

- Aussie BBQ Rubs

- Spain

- Italy

With each monthly delivery there will be suggestions for using the Spices.

Your name or message on the label

This adds a very special personalised touch to the Gift.

The example on the bottom right is a typical example only and will be altered to the occasion and message. A gift card with your message will be included with the Spanish Paprika.

When ordering you will see a box at the beginning of the Add to Cart to place your label message. A full proof of your message will be provided for your confirmation before we process your order.

The one off delivery charge covers all seven deliveries.

All Gifts have a full 100% money back guarantee across Australia.