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Gourmet Salts Gift Box with a dash of a very special Pepper

Pure Sea and Rock Salts with wonderful flavours for favourite recipes plus an artisan Lemon Pepper blended from Kerala, India. Glorious for cooking and BBQ's

Free from additives and preservatives. A perfect and unique Gift for every home kitchen.

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A unique and beautifully presented Gift with a 100% money back guarantee.

Each Gift Box contains :

Olssons Fine Macrobiotic Sea Salt Hessian bag. Harvested from the Great Barrier Reef. Totally free of additives and preservatives with a high concentration of essential minerals from the Sea Water. Wonderful for cooking, sprinkling over food and your health !

High quality Salt Grinder Filled with pristine Sea Salt. Ready for the dinner table or cooking and very much part of the kitchen.

Pink Himilayan Rock Salt Selected by Spice Road Spices tasting team, rich in essential minerals and wonderful with slow cooking or favourite casserole where a stronger salt flavour is required for the recipe.

*Fleur de Sal Sea Salt Flakes. An ancient form of processing Sea Salt to create beautiful salt flakes. Harvested from the Spencer Gulf, Great Australian Bight. The Fleur de Sal has a unique fresh concentrated ocean salt taste.. The special flakes are visually great on the table for table presentation and for special dishes.

An artisan Black Pepper Blend. Vietnamese Black Pepper blended with Kerala Black Pepper from India. Perfect !

Note. Cart price + $9.80 Postage. Australia wide.