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New! Savoury Gift Box for Entertainers

A Savoury Gift for entertainers and a partner for favourite cheese and antipasto meats and slices.

PLUS: A very special 12 month Gift included with your order. See more

BONUS. A chef curated, time saving recipe will be sent each month for 12 months to your nominated inbox.

For the love of food. Artisan Savoury selections to accompany the best Antipasto. Selected by our tasting team, this Gift Box represents wonderful value.


A GIFT without gimmicks or padding. Just pure Artisan quality.

Included in each box :

  • Maxwells Lime and Chilli Relish.Made in Berry on the South Coast of NSW and reviewed by our tasting team for Many Makers from Many Kitchens - check this page in our website for full details. Wonderful crisp, balanced flavours.
  • Asterisk Lavosh. Check out our reviews of this product in the Many Makers from Many Kitchens in this website. The Asterisk Lavosh Crackers are a multi award winner in the Australian Food Awards. And made in food heaven to match with cheese.
  • Asterisk Langues de Chat. Wonderful French inspired biscuits, gluten free with lovely buttery almond taste. Perfect. Check out our review page in this website - Many Makers from Many Kitchens
  • A complete Olive selection. Essential for Antipasto food and especially drinks. Marinated in Rainwater, Lemon and Chardonnay Vinegar. Lovely !
  • Mayers Quince Paste. Made in Spain, the true home of Quince Paste. Traditional and organic. Wonderful with cheese and biscuits
  • Bonus. A Gift that keeps giving. 12 month, Chef selected trending recipes delivered to your nominated Inbox each month.

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