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Welcome - Many Makers from Many Kitchens

Our aim is to bring to you a curated selection of gourmet foods, created by artisan Makers who believe in and encourage sustainable food.

Importantly we would like these products to reflect the journey from the Farm to you and following from this, we will present a profile of each of the Makers and their own particular journey to present their products.

We look forward to having you as part of Many Makers and to assist in recognising and advising us of these very special people and their products.

They deserve every support.


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Asterisk Kitchens - Savoury excellence.

Following our search for the very best Artisan products for our new SAVOURY GIFT HAMPER we were recommended to a relatively new Melbourne Maker and their Kitchen. Asterisk Kitchens.


Coffee Tasting and Review

A Special Coffee Tasting and Review of an Artisan Coffee maker, THE COFFEE WAREHOUSE, in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Part 1 By Simon Cusack and the Spice Road team


Maxwells Treats - Outstanding Relishes, Tapenades, Chutneys

Continuing our search for Australian Artisan products for our new GOURMET SAVOURY GIFT BOX range and our Many Makers page in this website, we discovered a lovely selection of high quality, beautifully made Relishes, Chutneys and Tapenades from Berry on the South Coast of NSW.


Wine Maker - Andevine Wines, Hunter Valley

This is the first of what we hope to be our MANY MAKERS reviews of products from our Brothers and Sisters in the world of wine.


Grampians Toscana Olive Oil - 2017 Harvest

We have received a full report reviewing the 2017 Harvest from Grampians Toscana. Many of our subscribers are very happily using this excellent Olive Oil from our previous review so the report will be of interest. Full Harvest report from the makers follows.


LiraH Vinegars - another essential for Home Chefs

For Home Chefs, Vinegar is important. Much like our Blog postings for Grampians Toscana Olive Oil. If the essential recipe ingredients are inferior, be it the Olive Oil or the Spices, then it is hard to save the dish.


Walnut Oil - Salad perfection.

It follows that having reviewed and in fact learnt a good deal about the quality of Australian Walnuts from Otway Walnuts - refer recent BLOG posting - we should follow with a review of another Otway product. Otway Walnut Oil.


Otway Walnuts - Discover the true taste of Walnuts.

We are indebted to our subscriber Veronica M. Hobart for not only alerting us to the true taste of quality Walnuts but also providing a small sample. A discovery indeed, very much part of MANY MAKERS FROM MANY KITCHENS and essential reading for all Home Chefs who use Walnuts in their recipes.


Native Lemon Myrtle, Wattleseed and Anise Myrtle

Another selection from the Maker, Diemen Pepper and Horticulturalist Chris Read. Three true Australian natives, each with the unique ability to work for Home Chefs in both savoury and sweet dishes and each with a "freshness" and pure, clean flavour for your recipes.


Tasmanian Pepperberry - native pepper brilliance

This is a very special addition to our MANY MAKERS FROM MANY KITCHENS . The Tasmanian Pepperberry is already an international legend and this is harvested in Tasmania by Diemen Pepper, Birch's Bay, Tasmania, under the control of horticulturalist, Chris Read.


New - 424 Dead Sea Salt

For some time now we have noticed the recommended Salt for recipes published by many of our North American and Canadian Spice Merchant cousins is Kosher Salt.


Grampians Toscana Olive Oil

You will note that many of the recipes for our Spice Blends commence with Olive Oil so it follows that to compliment our Spice Blend this needs to be of the very best quality and arguably one the best from Australia is Grampians Toscana Olive Oil.


Newmans Red Label Horseradish

Horseradish. The Makers describe their product as an South Australian icon. Correction: The Newmans Red Label Horseradish is an Australian food icon !


Cuttaway Creek - Jams and Marmalade

It is interesting that many of our reviews have covered the savoury side of our Many Kitchens products for Home Chefs.


Olssons Sea Salts

It is natural that we would include Olssons Salt products in our Many Makers reviews - we use Olssons salt products exclusively in our Blends, Rubs and Sprinkles


Bitton Gourmet

Not really a new Maker but certainly an artisan Maker from a successful Kitchen


Westmont Picklery

We came across these excellent pickles at a recent cheese tasting, a reminder of how well pickled gherkins can compliment and indeed support cheese.


Salted Caramel Sauce from - Taste Byron Bay

This is a quick heads up. It would seem that Byron Bay has produced another star !