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Cuttaway Creek - Jams and Marmalade

It is interesting that many of our reviews have covered the savoury side of our Many Kitchens products for Home Chefs.

All reviews have been well received with nice comments, however, we received a text making the point that there has been no mention of the traditional, sweeter, fruit based side of things.

Our follower went on to say that there is an exceptional group of these products worth noting from Cuttaway Creek, Mittagong, Southern NSW.

And we should point out he made it clear that there was no tie up with the people at Cuttaway Creek, other than he uses their products in his restaurant.

So taking this further, we looked into the Cuttaway Creek products and the range is impressive, noting the Raspberries and Blackberries are grown on the farm at Mittagong. We chose the following for the tasting panel :

Marmalade, three fruits – Blackberry Jam – Golden Fig Jam

We have a local bakery who makes the “worlds best” croissants – well, we think so - so we had a ready vehicle to test the Jams and Marmalade.

Firstly to Cuttaway Creek. They state that all products are 100% Australian grown and they do not add artificial additives and are without colouring or preservatives.

And from our happy tasting panel we can add that the first impression of these products is of great fruit flavour, freshness and noticeably low sugar.

Marmalade: Lovely zippy, fruit zesty notes with really noticeable orange and lemon flavour freshness. The texture is excellent, balanced and easily spread. Terrific.

We have been harping that lemon/lime zest is crucial across the food spectrum (check out our Blog – Lemon zest V Lemon juice) and here again is a classic example of the zest making its mark

Of interest is that Marmalade is originally from Portugal, around the 1700’s and was originally made from Quince paste. Now all marmalades are pretty much made from Oranges, Lemon, Limes and Grapefruit. Price $7.50, 220g Shipping additional. Order direct on line. www.cuttawaycreek.com.au

Blackberry and Fig Jams: Our restaurant friend uses the Cuttaway Creek Raspberries and Blackberries in their Bakewell tarts. Again, the fruit freshness – almost powerful - comes through as does an obvious lack of sugar although we imagine there is enough sugar to allow for preserving. One of our team who is a passionate home jam maker thought the Pectin – Acid balance perfect. See note below.

Our tasting panel preferred the Fig jam but this was with the croissants. For the Home Chef Bakers and especially when using in, say, a Bakewell Tart, Jam Tart or your morning toast, the Blackberry and Raspberry jams would be superb. Very much worth trying. Price $7.50, 220g plus shipping. Order direct on line. www.cuttawaycreek.com.au

The Cuttaway products really reflect the values of so many Australian Many Makers from Many Kitchens. They are not contaminated by all the tricky, sugar added ingredients of so many commercial brands. Their excellence is worth supporting.

Note: Pectin is essential in jams. It is from the skin, seeds and flesh of the fruit and is responsible for the soft, spreadable texture. The acid allows the Pectin to be extracted from the fruit.