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Grampians Toscana Olive Oil

You will note that many of the recipes for our Spice Blends commence with Olive Oil so it follows that to compliment our Spice Blend this needs to be of the very best quality and arguably one the best from Australia is Grampians Toscana Olive Oil.

Our tasting team tried the Signature Organic Premium and the Olio Nuova Organic First Harvest and both were superb.

We matched these with our Bordeaux Spice Blend recipe and our Jamaican Spice Blend recipe and both were beautifully complemented by the Grampians Toscana.

Our tasting notes may be of interest :

  • Buttery with balanced bitterness
  • Lovely nutty and fruity notes, would be wonderful with mozzarella cheese
  • Both samples walk the fine balance between over ripe fruit and under ripe fruit, superb texture - wow!

The Olives are grown organically with land sustainability paramount.

There is a great deal more information and Makers history on the Grampian website http://grampiansoliveco.com.au worth checking and orders may be made on line. We thought the prices very reasonable for this quality.

Thinking of budgets not all recipes and cooking call for an Olive Oil of this quality of course but from our view the Grampians Toscana should be in the pantry for those special recipes!

The two we tried, around $15.00 + shipping for 250ml. A value option is the 2L bottle $50.00 + shipping which is excellent value for what is really a sensational product.

For our restaurant subscribers there is a 15L pack at $230.00 + shipping. Again, excellent value.