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LiraH Vinegars - another essential for Home Chefs

For Home Chefs, Vinegar is important. Much like our Blog postings for Grampians Toscana Olive Oil. If the essential recipe ingredients are inferior, be it the Olive Oil or the Spices, then it is hard to save the dish.

So it is with Vinegar. It is all good and well to add a dash of whatever vinegar is called for in your recipe but if the vinegar is rough – and there is a bit of that about - then this will extend, in varying degrees, to your final dish.

Our Blog posting reviews of four of the essential Vinegars ( ref. Spice Roads Spices Blog, May 2017) made all this pretty clear. You simply must add quality ingredients to your dish. No matter how clever the Home or Professional Chef.

And the thing is, these essential ingredients are rarely more expensive than those of doubtful quality. You just need to find them. Which brings us back to Many Makers from Many Kitchens and the special quality of LiraH Vinegar.

LiraH have invested heavily in their Queensland Stanthorpe operation to achieve the highest standard and the passion of their European trained Maker is clear. We tried the Grand Reserve Cabernet Vinegar with a beef rib casserole and our Mediterranean Spice Blend. The flavour lift and richness was evident without overtaking the dish. This is highly recommended for your heartier recipes and will certainly work with your talent.

While working with the Tasmanian Pepperberry tasting we tried the LiraH Balsamic Vinegar with the pasta. Again, beautifully balanced, a delicate, slightly sweet and sour taste rather than a dominant, cop this ! Lovely. This would be a great support in your special dish or salads

The LiraH range is extensive and their website beautifully detailed with full information for Home Chefs to make a choice of vinegar relevant to favourite recipes.

Check: www.lirah.com.au for On Line buying. A special Maker and a product to work with and support your skills.