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Native Lemon Myrtle, Wattleseed and Anise Myrtle

Another selection from the Maker, Diemen Pepper and Horticulturalist Chris Read. Three true Australian natives, each with the unique ability to work for Home Chefs in both savoury and sweet dishes and each with a "freshness" and pure, clean flavour for your recipes.

Harvested in Victoria and South Australia the following gives some suggested usage for your recipes. It should be noted that all three are sold in powder form and while there is some flavour loss from the fresh, it is minimal.

Lemon Myrtle: An overriding lemon and lime flavour. Perfect for sweet dishes where a citrus flavour is needed, especially those where a dairy base is part of the recipe. Lemon Myrtle will not cause the dairy element to curdle.

And the Citrus notes in Lemon Myrtle are terrific for risotto, pasta, grills and as a rub for poultry and fish, however, in extended cooking ie casseroles, Lemon Myrtle will lose its flavour so would be wasted.

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Wattleseed: Iconic Australian food (spice) and quoting the "Makers" notes it has a slightly bitter coffee and sweet nutty flavour. Made for sweet dishes from pavlova to pancakes and also works well as a sprinkle with meat where it gives a subtle BBQ note.

Terrific for creative Home Chefs to experiment with to create their own signature recipe.

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Anis Myrtle:A native with strong Aniseed notes, again able to work in savoury and sweet dishes, especially where the Aniseed flavour is part of the concept or recipe.

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