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Olssons Sea Salts

It is natural that we would include Olssons Salt products in our Many Makers reviews - we use Olssons salt products exclusively in our Blends, Rubs and Sprinkles

The point is all salts are not the same, especially Sea Salts where purity is essential to provide the best possible base for your favourite recipes.

At Spice Road Spices we prefer the Fleur de sel salt flakes for our Rubs and Sprinkles and the Sea Salt "Blossoms" for our Spice Blends. While these are from the commercial side of Olssons their retail Sea Salt Crystals and Flakes provide the same high quality for the Home Chef

The Olssons website has good detail on all of this. Worth noting is the background on the Macrobiotic Sea Salt from the Great Barrier Reef. Totally natural, hand harvested and unwashed giving a taste about as close as you can get to natural salt water. Remarkable and very much worth a look !

Olssons products are available to buy on line at www.olssons.com.au. We feel the pricing more than reasonable at around $4.00 - $5.00 + shipping, depending on pack size.