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Tasmanian Pepperberry - native pepper brilliance

This is a very special addition to our MANY MAKERS FROM MANY KITCHENS . The Tasmanian Pepperberry is already an international legend and this is harvested in Tasmania by Diemen Pepper, Birch's Bay, Tasmania, under the control of horticulturalist, Chris Read.

Importantly the Tasmanian Pepper is harvested by Diemen Pepper under strict quality and sustainability controls. Critical for the future and purity of the unique Tasmanian Pepperberry.

We note from an American review that the whole Tasmanian Pepperberry has an aroma of Juniper, Fennel and Musk. Agreed and we can add that it has the wonderful, sweet aroma and lifting "sparkle" and flavour complexity of the Indonesian Lampung Pepper. Praise indeed.

And like the Indonesian pepper, we feel it would work well with either savoury or sweet dishes.

We are yet to do a full tasting but certainly the Tasmanian Pepperberry would work nicely with roast lamb or beef standing ribs. The flavour complexity would work on these roasts better than, say, an Indian Tellicherry pepper that can provide a harsh flavour heat to roasts.

However, there is always a But. For the Tasmanian Pepperberry the But is you must use much less than the usual peppers as they can have an intense heat if over used in your cooking. The upside is they will last much longer, a good thing as they cost roughly double or more the price of more of conventional peppers.

And a last special plus. The Pepperberry will give your dish or sauce a lovely, rich "plum" colour. Presentation perfect !

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