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Westmont Picklery

We came across these excellent pickles at a recent cheese tasting, a reminder of how well pickled gherkins can compliment and indeed support cheese.

So following up on this we checked out Westmont Pickles for more detail and found them to be an Australian Company with product from Australian farms. Which is a pretty good start.

Our tasting was limited but it was interesting to compare the Westmont dill pickle with a well known German brand.

It is hard to convey the taste differences but all tasters agreed the Westmont pickle was fresher and crisper/sharper than the imported brand. A nice outcome.

Westmont Pickles supply on line, contact http://www.westmontpickles.com for more details on their various products and to buy.

The price is more than reasonable, especially with the obvious quality. Another nice product for Home Chef's pantry.