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Wine Maker - Andevine Wines, Hunter Valley

This is the first of what we hope to be our MANY MAKERS reviews of products from our Brothers and Sisters in the world of wine.

These special people are true MAKERS in every sense, literally taking their products from the farm to your kitchen and table.

So to the first Maker. Andrew Leembruggen’s Andevine Wines, Gresford in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

It is not our intention and nor is it part of our skills to start awarding points out of 100 for Andrew’s wines. Rather we can certainly note that the wines we have (enjoyably) tasted are beautiful expressions of the Hunter Valley. Simply, pure traditional quality and as noted, highly enjoyable.

We should add that we found the Semillon superb, however, we should also declare that the tasting group at Spice Road Spices are Semillon tragics ! $30.00 for on line buying. Great value for the quality.

And as it should be. The Andevine Hunter Wines will beautifully compliment and add to all our Home Chefs creative talent and skills. In many ways this Vineyard is a little bit unique and very much part of your gourmet experience and our search for true artisan Makers.

You will not find these wines in your supermarket discount section but they are available direct from the Winery. Contact: cellardoor@andevinewines.com.au to order.

For a full background of the Vineyard, the Wines and this special Maker check out their website - www.andevinewine.com.au