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Caramelised Fennel and Onion Recipe - Thoughts -Salt Free Category

It was good to see the response to our piece on Caramelising Flavour In Your Recipe. From these comments several subscriber suggested we add Caramelised Fennel to the Caramelising story.

A nice idea and a perfect addition to everything from serving with Pork Chops to a Crostini spread and the wonderous flavours with baked Cauliflower.

And even better, with a touch of cinnamon, black pepper and thyme, the Caramelised Fennel and Onion has no need of Salt. In fact our feeling during the test was that salt would only confuse the flavours.

The thing is, whatever the fruit that is part of your recipe, caramelising will give the dish interest and a great flavour lift. And to quote one of our American food writer cousins:

"So yes, caramelization is a little sciencey. But you can handle it. You don’t need a degree to caramelize. You just need a yearning for extremely satisfying flavor. That shouldn't be too hard to find"

See, there you go. It's all about flavour. And no fear ! Arthur Huxley


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