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Caramelised Lemon Wedges - amazing flavour and salt replacement

A perfect flavour addition


  • Lemons - quantity as you choose

  • Olive oil

  • Brown sugar


Wash the outside of the lemon then pat dry. Finely slice the lemon, around half cm. thickness. Place the lemon wedges in a baking pan making sure they are spaced apart and liberally coat with olive oil including the outside rind, then sprinkle with raw sugar.

Bake in a pre heated oven at 200c for 30 minutes, until the slices are caramelised and the edges are nicely brown. After about 25 minutes, carefully turn the slices to give even colour on both sides. You will need to carefully watch over the cooking at this last point, to avoid burning.

Allow to cool then, when ready to add to your dish, cut into segments (triangles) with no more than 1cm of the caramelised rind at the rind edge. This will obviously depend on the size of your lemon slice.

And even better, you can safely bake in advance and refrigerate to have the segments ready to add when needed.

Place the small caramelised segments on the top of your vegetables, fish or poultry. Best not to mix in with your ingredients so the lemon maintains its unique flavour integrity.

A wonderfully fresh flavour lift for poultry, pork, vegetables and seafood