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Cardamom Pods, green. Ground

Green Cardamom Pods - Herb. Ground

Wonderful flavour of Eucalyptus, Pine and Lemon. Very much part of Indian and Middle Eastern cooking, especially Persian and Turkish recipes.

History: Cardamom originated from trees in the South of India and has been one of the cooking essentials for over 2000 years.

Related to the Ginger family Cardamom has many medical claims and even Chaucer in Canterbury Tales claimed it as the "Spice of paradise" - read into that as you will !

Commonly thought as being a compliment to fruit or rice, its flavours add a wonderful dimension to Lamb, Beef Stews and Duck.

Note: 8 cardamom pods equal to 1 1/2 teaspoons ground

Important Our Green Cardamon is ground for no earlier than 48 hours before shipping for absolute freshness