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BBQ and Grill - exciting essentials - plus a full length Chefs Apron

A very special gift for the BBQ and Grill Chef. Including a full length white Chefs Apron

Eight BBQ and GRILL flavour essentials, crafted from premium natural spices and including two classic Spanish Paprika 75g tins.

Plus, a lovely full length, natural linen, Chefs Apron.

Plus, the option to personalise the Gift with your name on the front label of each of the Spice Jars at no additional cost. See example*.

Your BBQ Essentials Gift Box contains all these wonderful 60g. BBQ Essentials presented in glistening black zip-lock pouches for kitchen convenience

  • King Creole Cajun Rub - 60g

  • BBQ Chicken Spice Rub - 60g

  • BBQ - Grill Steak Rub - 60g

  • BBQ - Grill Pork Rub - 60g

  • Moroccan Spice Rub - 60g

  • Spanish, La Lidia Pimenton Paprika, Sweet - 75g

  • Spanish, La Lidia Paprika, Smoked - 75g

  • Included in the Gift Box would be a full length Chefs apron

Your name or message on the front label. See example.

When ordering you will see a box at the beginning of the Add to Cart to place your label message. A full proof of your label message will be provided for your approval before we process your order.

*This Gift Box comes with a full 100% money back guarantee across Australia