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SpiceOn Flavour - Vegetables. Salt Free

Why SpiceOn Vegetables is so easy to use - Magic !

Beautifully easy, simply add to your selected vegetables - the Spices have been blended without Chilli or hot Peppers to gently support the natural flavours of your vegetables.The perfect time saving vegetable partner for your dish and your kitchen - Magic !

Your Flavour profile

Pure and Natural Spice Flavours for your Vegetables, the fresh Aniseed touch of the Fennel and the spicey, nutty notes of the Cumin giving a warm flavour lift, beautifully supported by the Turmeric,Thyme and Parsley. And just a touch of Dill to round out your flavours !

Your Health Profile

The Spices have, for thousands of years, provided significant natural health benefits for you and your cooking.

The SpiceOn Vegetable Spice Blend does not contain preservatives,processed sugar or artificial flavours and is sent to you in a lovely Spice jar to preserve freshness.

How SpiceOn Vegetables will help you at the end of a busy day or when you are simply pressed for time !

It is always nice to be able to blend your own Spices but often there is simply not the time. SpiceOn Vegetables contains only the pure and natural premium Spices you would use in your kitchen. Just add to your dish for lovely time saving flavour.

Your Flavour Ingredients

Cumin, Fennel, Coriander, Turmeric, Thyme, Parsley, Vietnamese Black Pepper, Nutmeg and Dill

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