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The Art of Flavour


The Art of Flavour

A special page for all the Spice Road Spices - Epicurean Post subscribers.

Kitchen Notes for Gastrique Sauce.

Our subscriber Dennis correctly noted when commenting on both the Italian Agrodulche sauce and the French sweet and sour Gastrique sauce that the Gastrique is a wonderful Mother Sauce to compliment many of your favourite dishes.

The sauce is essentially a base for the Sweet side of things with the Fruit and Sugar and your selected Vinegar for the Sour element.

So, all good and straight forward - check Bits and Pieces Recipes for the Recipe. However, it is worth noting that from this simple starting point you can manipulate the flavours to suit your dish.

Typically if you are preparing a pork dish then using Red Wine Vinegar will give a lovely raspberry flavour to the pork.

Or, If your dish uses lots of spices, that is, it is a bit zippy, then Cider Vinegar will lift the flavours and provide a nice balance to the spice.

Lamb and Chicken Dishes would use White Wine Vinegar. Same thing, the vinegar is the key.

And if you would like to blow your partner or dinner guests away, try using 2 x tablespoons Pomegranate Molasses and a dash of lemon in place of the fruit in the Gastrique. Absolutely awesome !

All of this does not even begin to look at varying the fruit part of the sauce ie Pomegranate Molasses above or using Berries in place of the diced fruit to transform your dish.

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The Art of Flavour Hi everyone A  nice recipe suggestion from Tony M. (see Subscribers this issue) on the importance of using crushed coriander rather than the finely ground coriander powder found in supermarkets.

Tony's point raises broader issue of the importance of using, where possible, freshly ground spices in your recipes. [Read more]

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