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2018 Favourite Recipes from the Spice Road Tasting Team

Arthur Huxley - 04-01-2019

Last month, just before Christmas, our little tasting team, Pam, Simon and I, decided we should not let 2018 go without reflecting on our favourite Spice Epicurean recipes for the year.

Pam, in her ever definite way, thought the Wild Mushroom, Capsicum and Parsnip Ragout should be the choice and then wondered why the rest of us did not immediately agree.

Simon, from his Byron Bay world and his profession as one of this countries leading IT operatives (and coffee reviewer), thought, in his reflections, that the Ethiopian Beef Stew with Fenugreek was the obvious choice. He too wondered why we were not in agreement.

So it came to me. My role in all this has always been a bit doubtful, especially in such learned company but determined not to be overwhelmed I chose the Ukrainian Baked Chicken Schnitzel with Crispy Fennel Salad.

Clearly the warm Christmas spirit had taken hold for my choice was accepted without undue comment.

So there we have it. Three recipes, all able to be prepared without difficulty and all reflecting the wonderful world of pure Spice.

It would be lovely to present our Spice Roaders recipe choices from the year. Even better it would be lovely to meet you and collect your views and thoughts on pure, sustainable food and of course your Umami.

That is a wish that will have to wait unfortunately but in the meantime, to everyone, have a wonderful 2019 New Year.

Cheers Arthur Huxley

Our spices begin their journey.