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Cabbage, Bratwurst, Halloumi and Cider Mustard

Arthur Huxley - 19-11-2023

Hi everybodyi It was nice to see the comments for our last Art of Flavour piece on the squabbling between the the Chefs in Paris and the Chefs in Nice over the proper ingredients of a Nicoise Salad,

It's wonderful that such a food passion exists. One subscriber mentioned that you will find the same passion and friction in Italy - try telling the Chefs and Food People in Bologna that a Bolognaise Ragu was not created and perfected in Bologna and you will buy trouble.

Goats Cheese and Egyptian Dukkah I know that I have mentioned this some time ago but while happily testing our One Pan Fried Cabbage, Sausage and Haloumi recipe for this issue, the amazing flavour magic that emerges when pairing Goats Cheese (Chevre) and the ancient Egyptian Dukkah Spice Mix, came to mind.

This unique compatibility of Goats Cheese with Dukkah is simple enough. Dukkah is made up of Hazelnuts, Sesame Seeds, Coriander and Cumin.

The crunchy inviting nutty texture of the Dukkah with its citrus, pine forest and spicy warm flavour notes (from the coriander and cumin) is a lovely counter to the smooth rich and earthy tang of the goats cheese.

Recipe: Try this combination on Bruschetta with sliced Tomato, Olive Oil and Basil. Awesome !