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Coffee Tasting and Review Part 2 Artisan Maker 'The Coffee Warehouse' coffee.

Simon Cusack - 29-10-2018

At last! Time for the second review of the The Coffee Warehouse coffees, we thoroughly enjoyed doing Part 1 and were all looking forward to doing Part 2.

A quick recap, we were supplied with the following three blends;

  • Blend 2 - Java Jive
  • Blend 4 - The Brazilian Mistress
  • Blend 5 - Espresso Delight

We reviewed 'Espresso Delight' in Part 1 and will be diving into 'Java Jive' and 'The Brazilian Mistress' for Part 2.

We used the same brewing methods, ie the 'Gefu Lorenzo Manual Coffee Grinder' and a 'Rok Espresso Maker' and the same reviewers, in the hope that we minimized any factors that may have affected the tasting.

Over the course of several days we brewed Short Blacks, Long Blacks and Lattes both with and without sugar or honey. We did not mix the blends on any particular day, we felt this gave us a good separation between tasting and letting our palates return to neutral between tastings.

The first thing to note is the 'Brazilian Mistress', is a stronger blend than 'Java Jive'. The 'Brazilian Mistress' is a straight forward strong coffee with not much variation from the beginning of the taste and the after taste. This is neither good or bad, it is just a characteristic of this blend.

The 'Java Jive' offers some more subtleties across the tasting range, some noticed berry type flavours, others more a caramel tinge, it is very difficult to accurately describe a taste, suffice to say that it offered more complexities than the Mistress.

Overall the results were interesting, previously with the 'Espresso Delight' everyone liked all the coffees brewed but with different choices for the best style of coffee for that blend. For example our younger palate preferred the 'Espresso Delight' as a Latte, whereas the more jaded taste buds preferred it as Short Black.

The opinions here were more marked.

The younger palate preferred the 'Java Jive' over the 'Brazilian Mistress' in all cases and put a 'Java Jive' Latte at the top of her list.

The more jaded palates were also split with one preferring a short black 'Java Jive' and the other a short black 'Brazilian Mistress'.

So there you go, there's no according for taste!

I believe this is a good thing, as it indicates to me that you can tune your choice of blends to your preferred style of coffee. If you are the sort of person that on some days prefers a Latte and on others wants a Short Black, then go with the 'Espresso Delight', or if you only drink one style, then experiment until you find one that suits you.

For our younger palate that would be 'Java Jive' as a Latte, for the older hands it would be Short Blacks made with 'Java Jive' for one and 'Brazilian Mistress' for the other.

Which would I choose? Well I'd be happy with any of them, I'd probably go for 'Esppresso Delight' around holiday times when I'm enjoying coffee with friends and for myself it would be the Short Black 'Brazilian Mistress' coffees all the way.

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