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Five Pillars Of Pepper - Part 3

Arthur Huxley - 02-03-2017

Tellicherry Pepper - India

Much like Indonesian Lampong pepper and the wonderful Kampot pepper from Cambodia, Tellicherry pepper is solely based on a particular region and within that region terroir - the particular effect of farm site, climate and soil.

True Tellicherry pepper is from the Malabar region, near the coastal town of Kerala. The Tellicherry pepper representing only about 10% of the crop being left longer on specially selected plants to achieve greater size than standard Malabar peppers and giving less heat and more aroma.

Our tasting of the Tellicherry pepper was interesting. Certainly the pepper had a bright freshness which is normal for Tellicherry peppers but more, there was a lovely sweetness, not so obvious in other peppers tasted.

For Home Chef's this is important when planning a menu. Try Tellicherry pepper with lamb shanks or a slow cooked beef casserole for a nice spicy flavour "lift" with very clear aroma.

And a good addition to the home pepper grinder - freshly ground over chicken or steak, the brightness, sweetness and aroma will be clear.

Taking the home pepper grinder further the Tellicherry pepper would work well in a combination of your own favourite peppers. A good exercise to achieve your preferred pepper spice

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