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Five Pillars Of Pepper - Part 4

Arthur Huxley - 04-04-2017

Kampot Pepper, Cambodia

Another absolute classic in our Five Pepper series. And our friends who import and market Kampot pepper in Australia will tell you that of the world's great peppers, Kampot pepper is the best. They may well be correct.

Very much a jewel in Cambodias' trading crown, Kampot pepper's history dates back to before the 14th century, remaining pretty much a cottage industry until the French (as they do) recognised the unique quality of genuine Kampot pepper in the 19th-20th centuries

From this there was a predictable spread of trade through Europe and later America, briefly slowed by the Khmer Rouge, to now be acknowledged by chef's and food people to have an almost exalted status.

For our Home Chef's recipe planning it is worth noting that while Kampot pepper shares the dominance of pepper aroma over berry flavour or "punch" with the Indonesian Lampung pepper and the Vietnamese Phu Quoc Island pepper, Kampot pepper is distinguished by strong floral and minty notes and more, a significant lingering after taste. Lovely !

These are flavour qualities that suggest a stir fry with julienne strips of beef, Kampot black pepper, soy sauce, palm or raw sugar, fresh lime juice and the ever essential fish sauce.

Or, Peppered Chicken with Ginger would work well. This with Kampot green pepper, thin strips of ginger, soy sauce and again, palm or raw sugar,fresh lime juice and a dash of fish sauce.

Whatever your take and creative input of the above, Kampot pepper creates an interesting flavour dimension. And if time permits, matching Kampot pepper with the Indonesian pepper in similar recipes would give an interesting flavour comparison.

As always, up to Home Chef's for the end choice.

Kampot pepper is a little more expensive than than the other peppers but very much worth trying in your favourite recipes and having in your pantry

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