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Pomegranate Molasses

Arthur Huxley - 24-02-2023

Pomegranate Molasses The name sounds daunting but underneath Pomegranate Molasses is simplicity itself : Pomegranate juice and lemon juice with sugar ( optional ) reduced down to a syrupy consistency. That's it. Simple.

The unique flavour has been described as taut, tangy, with strong lemon notes and a total lack of sweetness.

From this Pomegranate Molasses becomes a wonderful "weapon" for Home Chefs. A touch will transform a salad dressing and can replace vinegar. And added to meat or vegetables it takes flavours to a new height.

And given that only small amounts are needed it is easy to experiment to see how it works in your favourite recipes.

One of our subscribers noted that Pomegranate Molasses, lightly spread over smoked freshwater trout is a sensational pairing, replacing horseradish cream with the trout.

Another suggested a Pomegranate Molasses marinade for a BBQ steak or roast beef. Refer Recipes meat.

The possibilities go further. The natural Pomegranate Molasses is wonderful added to a favourite casserole and roasted vegetables and will transform a stir fry or spread over a chicken before roasting.

Pomegranate Molasses works beautifully as a replacement for balsamic vinegar in a salad. Adding a distinctive flavour and giving a substantial cost saving.

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