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Sage - A forgotten Spice

Arthur Huxley - 03-04-2024

From time to time we get to chat about spices that seem to be forgotten in the flurry of new recipes.

We were reminded of this when we received a Readers note suggesting we add a Sage and Mustard Sauce to our Kitchen Speak page in the Sunday Art of Flavour Post.

The flavours of Sage should not be a problem. Lemon and Eucalyptus are sought after when building a recipe, especially with meat or part of a chicken stuffing.

Perhaps it is that Sage is not a team player. That is, Sage is powerful and best not considered as part of a harmonious flavour in a dish.

Sage needs to be centre stage. But once settled into a recipe, it will provide a wonderful sweet and sour Umami from the eucalyptus and lemon notes.

Think of Sage with brown butter and baked potatoes or paired with spinach and ricotta in a favourite pasta and you get the idea.

Like so many of the legendary spices, Sage is a native of the Mediterranean and like Oregano, is from the mint family. It was highly valued by the Romans and the Turkish Ottoman people.

When adding to a recipe it should be noted that dried Sage is quite powerful. It is best added in smaller quantities than you would add with, say, oregano. Then build to your preferred flavour balance from there.

We thought you might be interested in a typically Turkish Street Recipe featuring Sage and Orzo pasta that you will find in this issue.

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