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Salt should never be used to replace true flavour

Arthur Huxley - 12-06-2022

Being in the business of premium Herbs and Spices, the importance of generous natural flavour is never far from our thinking.

So I thought it might be interesting to revisit the short article below, previously published in the Epicurean Post on the subject of salt free, salt reduced and generous flavour.

Salt should not be a replacement for true flavour

We have previously asked this question before: Are we adding flavour in moderation with everything but salt ?

The problem is that for far too long we have been using salt to create the flavour in food. Often with serious health issues.

That is, we are much too timid when adding our aromatics (flavours) to favourite recipes and then using salt to make up the flavour shortfall.


From this I don't suggest just bunging in handfuls of spices and herbs, any old way without regard to proper flavour balance, That will not will not make things right and it will not replace salt.

Rather, my point is, and taking the balance thing a bit further, the spices giving the flavours need to relate and complement each other when adding the extra flavour lift. Without the need for salt.

The problem is we don't use enough of the natural herbs and spices, lemon, olive oil or the wonderful home made stocks.

Flavour Excitement

If flavours are part of the recipe then they need to brighten and add excitement, not simply add a flavour mist in the background. That will not replace salt !

Think how often you have you seen a recipe suggesting a half teaspoon of, say, Allspice or Coriander when clearly a half teaspoon will do little to lift the flavour starting point of meat, poultry or a favourite sauce.

Be Bold

We should be bold and allow our natural spices, butter, ghee, citrus or virgin olive oil the space to give that exciting flavour lift our recipes deserve.

And returning to the top heading: Not to use salt as a flavour substitute.

Enjoy generous flavours

Arthur Huxley