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Wine and Food Pairing

Arthur Huxley - 21-01-2022

Wine and food pairing To start it should be appreciated that all this wine pairing business is, most definitely, not an exact science.

Given the great variation in personal tastes this is obvious.

Even so, there is a definite framework to build on when you are thinking about wine with lunch or dinner.

Assuming that mostly you will be cooking for more than yourself, the argument of "drink what you like" will often not do justice to the food you have worked to prepare.

And in the nicest possible way, you will want to please your partner or guests with the wine you place on the table.

The Framework

So within this framework of compatible wines it is important that care be taken in selecting wine that to most people compliments the food but also compliments you, the chef.

This essential framework in choosing wine will be discussed further and will be the basis for our fairly broad recommendations for wine to partner our recipes.