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Food Ramblings - Roasted Garlic

Arthur Huxley - 05-05-2018

Roasted Garlic v Sauteed Garlic. Very much a personal taste thing of course. Roasted Garlic adds a lovely milder and sweeter taste to your dish while sauteed raw Garlic can be aggressive and dominating especially when finely chopped.

Against this, Roasted Garlic has the draw back that sometimes when a recipe calls for Roasted Garlic, you simply do not have the 45 minutes or space to do a separate roast


Anchovies and your 5th Umami taste sense

Arthur Huxley - 18-04-2018

You may have noticed that from time to time several of our recipe suggestions have included Anchovies as part of the ingredients.

Taking this further, we have received a recipe suggestion to share from Paul L. Adelaide picking up on our Anchovy mentions with an interesting Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Anchovies, Lemon Zest, Rosemary and Thyme recipe. Click: RECIPES for the recipe.


Spicy Brewing

Adam Florance - 01-04-2018

Water and Malt and Hops and Yeast. These days nearly every brewery has a t-shirt with some variation of these words and while those four ingredients are essential for any brewer, they are not the only ingredients that brewers over the centuries have used to spice up their ales.

Prior to the proliferation of hops, most brewers would use a combination of local herbs and spices to flavour beers. This spice blend was known as “gruit” and might be as simple as crushed coriander seed with some orange zest - still the base flavouring for most Belgian-style wheat beers - or may be as complex as the recipe for Purl, a hearty ale served warm to English fishermen and flavoured with a combination of gentian, juniper, wormwood, senna, ginger, horseradish, calamus, pepper and galangal.


Food Ramblings - Pomegranate Molasses

Arthur Huxley - 28-03-2018

Pomegranate Molasses

The name sounds daunting but underneath Pomegranate Molasses is simplicity itself : Pomegranate juice and lemon juice with caster sugar ( optional ) reduced down to a syrupy consistency.That's it. Simple.


Lemon Juice V Lemon Zest

Arthur Huxley - 06-03-2018

It might be obvious but just for the record, lemon juice is from the inside of the lemon and really, offers not much more than a citrusy tart liquid.

By contrast Lemon Zest is the lemon skin grated directly from the lemon and offers a lovely scent and positive flavour without being liquidy.


424 Salt from the Dead Sea

Arthur Huxley - 03-10-2017

For some time now we have noticed the recommended Salt for recipes published by many of our North American and Canadian Spice Merchant cousins is Kosher Salt.

We felt it curious that these very accomplished recipe writers and chefs should be so emphatic on the use of Kosher Salt, harvested from the Dead Sea.


Food Ramblings - Fennel, the sometimes forgotten Spice

Arthur Huxley - 28-07-2017

Fennel - bulb and seeds

If you have enjoyed Absinthe, then the next morning, and depending on the night before, so to speak, you may not wish to discuss Fennel !


Essential Stock - with a little cheating !

Arthur Huxley - 15-07-2017

Ok. We all understand that the basis for your special beef casserole, chicken ragout, sauce or soup is a good stock. It is the blank canvas from which you can build wonderful flavours from your own creativity. And in the end, provide the "flavour" background for your finished dish.

All good and understood - the principle is perfect and ageless and as our great Chefs will explain, very necessary.

But do you, busy Home Chef and Spice Roads Subscriber have 7 - 8 hours to scrub and blanch the bones, then endlessly skimming the barely simmering liquid, adding the vegetables after 5 hours, removing the developing scum from the top and finally sieving the thing to remove the tinniest bits until the stock is crystal clear, so as not to cloud your dish or show any greasiness.


Four Essential Vinegars for Home Chefs - Apple Cider Vinegar

Arthur Huxley - 30-05-2017

Part 3 Apple Cider Vinegar

Cue the Coleslaw and Pork Chops !


Four Essential Vinegars for Home Chef's - Balsamic

Arthur Huxley - 26-05-2017

Part 2 Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is not so much the opposite of Sherry Vinegar but rather, in culinary terms, the alternative.


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